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Engine Performance

The engine adopts “air intake control + friction reduction” technology. Engine parts adopt eccentric crankshaft system, short-skirt piston (skirtpainted with graphite to reduce friction), thin piston ring, low-elasticity valve spring, high-efficiency pump and fuel pump to realize friction reduction and high mechanical efficiency. Compression ratio of 10.5 is adopted for high indicated thermal efficiency. Calibrations are carried out in plateau, high-temperature and cold areas, e.g., Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hainan, Xinjiang and Mohe. It can be easily started under -35℃ and various severe environments.
The transmission adopts hydraulic clutch control mechanism, which has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, small mass,convenient layout and smooth clutch engaging, and can improve driving & riding comfort. Handball for manual shifting is adopted. Handball control stroke and strength matches with exterior arc, and can provide outstanding shifting experience and enhance driving control pleasur Compared with products of the same type, its design is fashionable and can meet aesthetic demands of young drivers.